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Tune into the Dallas Software Podcast for weekly interviews with savvy Dallas software and SaaS leaders–funded CEOs, startup founders, industry experts, active investors, and local tech leaders.

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Dallas Software Podcast

#12: Wale Mafolasire, Founder and CEO of Givelify

 Wale Mafolasire (pronounced Wall-AY Mafo-LAH-shee-ray) is the founder and CEO of Givelify, the most popular online giving platform and mobile donation app. Wale grew up in Nigeria before coming to Georgia to study computer science at Columbus State University. Wale started Givelify in 2013 with his co-founders after experiencing the difficulties of making donations […]

#11: Will Robinson, CEO of Encapture

Will Robinson is the CEO of fast-growing Encapture, a 20-year old document management services company that made the shift to a SaaS product company in 2019 with additional investment funding. Will is a Dallas native who spent time in banking and private equity as a financial professional before starting in the software business and then […]

#10: Bo Sijuade, CEO and Co-founder of On Touch Go

 Bo Sijuade is CEO and co-founder of On Touch Go, a mobile advertising platform based in the Dallas area. Bo grew up in North Dallas with parents who immigrated from Nigeria to lead major technology projects in large healthcare companies. Bo started On Touch Go in 2019 with two other co-founders who are also […]

#9: Chuck Gibbs, Founder of ChildcareCRM

Chuck Gibbs is the founder and chairman of ChildcareCRM, one of the leading global software providers that serves the childcare industry. Chuck is a serial founder of industry-focused software companies, including software businesses for the oil and gas industry. Chuck started ChildcareCRM in 2010 and is now chairman after bringing in experienced SaaS CEO Matt […]

#8: Co-Founders Danny Martin and Rose Johnson of Esposure

CEO Danny Martin and CTO Rose Johnson are co-founders of fast-growing Esposure, based in Desoto in the Dallas area. What’s more, entrepreneurial Danny is Rose’s son This son-mom team has been leading their software and services business in the exciting esports industry. Esposure started as an esports production business that now has a new software […]

#7: Maan Hamdan, CEO of HEXA Global Ventures

Maan Hamdan is the founder and CEO of Hexa Global Ventures in Richardson, Texas. Maan was born in Beirut, Lebanon, and came to the US to study at the University of Texas in Austin. After working for two large technology companies in Dallas, Maan started his entrepreneurial journey, founding the HR software company HRSmart and […]

#6: Shaun Simon, Founder and CEO of ServiceGanja

Shaun Simon is the founder and CEO of ServiceGanja, a fast-growing SaaS startup based in Dallas. Shaun started ServiceGanja in March 2020 after working at several tech startups in sales.  Shaun is originally from Tulsa, Oklahoma. ServiceGanja is a software platform for cannabis dispensaries to manage their retail operations with an all-in-one platform that includes […]

#5: Howard Getson, President and CEO of Capitalogix

Howard Getson is President and CEO of Capitalogix, based in Coppell, Texas. Howard was a corporate lawyer before starting Intelligent Control Corp., his first software company, which he sold in 2000. After some life-changing transformations that same year, he started Capitalogix in Coppell, Texas. Capitalogix is a proprietary trading software using artificial intelligence and machine […]

#4: Stephen Boudreau, Co-founder of RaiseDonors

Stephen Boudreau is the co-founder of RaiseDonors. He was the co-founder of web development agency Ascendio in Coppell, Texas which grew for 15 years before the team created RaiseDonors and grew the business. RaiseDonors is an online fundraising platform for non-profit organizations. RaiseDonor digital donation pages connect donation transactions to common non-profit CRM, marketing, and […]

#3: Mike Pratt, CEO of Panamplify

 Mike Pratt is CEO and co-founder of Panamplify, a Dallas SaaS startup that serves medium-sized marketing agencies with an automated client reporting solution. Panamplify automatically builds stunning and meaningful reports so agency teams can focus on adding value not building PowerPoint presentations and spreadsheets. Mike started his career in the Air Force and then […]