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#6: Shaun Simon, Founder and CEO of ServiceGanja

Shaun Simon is the founder and CEO of ServiceGanja, a fast-growing SaaS startup based in Dallas. Shaun started ServiceGanja in March 2020 after working at several tech startups in sales.  Shaun is originally from Tulsa, Oklahoma.

ServiceGanja is a software platform for cannabis dispensaries to manage their retail operations with an all-in-one platform that includes point of sale, guest marketing, digital ordering, and delivery. In their first year in business, Service Ganja has grown fast without outside investment funding to serve hundreds of cannabis dispensary customers.

In this episode, Shaun shares his startup journey that started the first week of the COVID shut down in March 2020, then rewriting of their software after testing with early beta customers, to their fast growth without outside funding, and his vision to grow a big software company in Dallas that serves the growing cannabis industry.

About ServiceGanja

See the ServicGanja company profile on Gregslist Dallas. Here are some quick company facts:


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