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The Comprehensive List of Local Software Companies and SaaS Jobs

Gregslist is the curated up-to-date list of local software companies and SaaS jobs in 12 major cities.

Each company and job is personally added and updated by Greg Head and his team.

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About Gregslist

Gregslist started as a personal volunteer project in Phoenix four years ago. After a 30-year career in the software business, I started helping dozens of founders of software companies that I knew. I was finding more software companies in Phoenix than anybody knew about.

So, I created Gregslist of Phoenix software companies and shared it on my website for free. I updated the list every month, and in four years, it grew to over 600 real, active software and SaaS companies in Arizona. Then we did the same in Dallas, where I live now. Thousands of people have told me how they found jobs, raised investment, and made investments using Gregslist.


Helping Local Software Communities

Gregslist is a free resource for local software communities to connect leadership talent, job seekers, investors, and local tech experts to the crazy founders who are creating the next wave of successful software companies.

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Gregslist Community Partner

Over 40% of all software companies on Gregslist are self-funded and bootstrapped with NO outside funding Another 30% have just a little funding from friends and friendly investors.

Check out the Practical Founders Podcast hosted by Greg Head, with stories of serious software founders who have created valuable software companies without big funding.

There are thousands of practical founders who are winning the startup game their way with successful exits of $10M, $20M, $50M, or more when they sell their companies—if they ever choose to sell.