About Gregslist

Gregslist began as a pet project of Greg Head after a successful 30-year career in the software industry. In 2015, Greg became a full-time mentor, advisor, and consultant to tech founders. He discovered there was no up-to-date or complete directory of local software companies in Phoenix, so he created and published one himself on his website and called it Gregslist.

He first published his personally curated list of Arizona software in 2016 to help his friends and fellow software company founders in the Phoenix area: Gregslist. It quickly became popular with local tech founders, investors, job seekers, service providers, and community leaders. Awareness and usage grew steadily.

For three years, Greg personally curated the list with new companies and corrections and published an updated list every month. Gregslist Arizona grew from 120 software companies in 2016 to over 500 active, real companies in 2019. Gregslist has become a popular free resource in the Phoenix tech community known for being comprehensive, up-to-date, easy-to-use and focused on the local software industry.

Gregslist is now used by thousands of founders, tech execs, investors, job seekers, and community leaders every month. In 2020, Gregslist moved to gregslist.com with an expanded website including more specialized lists in each metro area (by location, funding type, category-focus, industry focus, age, and size), local resource lists, and an interactive map showing the company locations in each region.

Greg and his team have made Gregslist available in ten North American cities:

  1. Atlanta
  2. Austin
  3. Boston
  4. Chicago
  5. Dallas
  6. Denver
  7. Houston coming October 2020
  8. Phoenix
  9. San Diego
  10. Salt Lake City
  11. Toronto

Gregslist exists to connect talent, investors, mentors, service providers and community leaders to the entrepreneurs who are running these innovative companies.

Gregslist is committed to bringing exposure to local software and SaaS companies of every size and type, not just the biggest companies the most funding that we already hear about.

Gregslist shines a light on software communities outside of Silicon Valley that are growing but are not nationally known (yet).

We need more software companies to survive, succeed and scale so their useful innovations can improve the world and help their local communities to thrive.



Gregslist the comprehensive and up-to-date list of software and SaaS companies located in Atlanta, Austin, Boston, Chicago, Dallas-Fort Worth, Phoenix, Salt Lake City, and Toronto.


Gregslist is a curated community resource used by thousands of job seekers, investors, tech execs, founders, and community leaders every month.

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