How to Use Gregslist Versus Other Business Directories in Denver

Are you wondering why the world needs another business information directory?

It’s not because there is a problem with other business directories, and it’s not because the other directories are useless.

Gregslist exists mainly because (we believe) there is a desperate need for a software industry hub that is accurately and timely maintained as a whole and that showcases the depth and breadth of commercial SaaS solutions, opportunity and talent outside of Silicon Valley.

Gregslist is used by:

  • The commercial software industry
  • SaaS professionals who are making their lives outside Silicon Valley
  • Founders and the leaders of established software companies who need to better understand the competitive landscape
  • Economic development entities showcasing their local communities
  • Vendors and service providers who help commercial software companies run
  • Investors who specialize in helping tech-enabled businesses grow

Gregslist’s community membership encompasses:

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Our operating principles ensure we:

  • Add over 100 companies to the community each month
  • Verify each company’s details at least twice per year
  • Present each company in one, best fit taxonomy per region
  • Provide the single, most relevant classification for each company
  • Eliminate company record duplication or double counting across the directory

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