#SaaSTalentNow – Software and SaaS Talent Looking for Work Right Now

#SaaSTalentNow is a curated list of talented people with software industry experience who are actively looking for full-time employment or part-time contract work right now with SaaS companies. Let’s help them find jobs fast.

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There are currently 81 people on this list who have been laid off or negatively affected by the economic downturn this month. Each of them is actively looking for work in the software industry right now.

This page last updated on April 4, 2020.

Aaron Peachey, Linkedin
Manager of Customer Success Teams with 7 years of software industry experience. Looking for positions within growing Customer Success Teams.
Phoenix, full-time

Abishek Pathak, Linkedin
Cloud Solutions Architect with 15 years of software industry experience; looking to implement Salesforce CRM and other cloud based applications for business users.
Phoenix, full-time or contract work

Ahnaf Nur, Linkedin
Motivated and creative strategic self-starter with a demonstrated history in e-commerce, Data Analysis, CRM, Customer Support, Sales Support, SaaS, Analytics, Marketing, Project Management and Customer Retention
Tempe, full-time

Aine Fitzgerald Coleman, Linkedin
Quality Assurance Analyst and Product Support Specialist with an interdisciplinary background and experience in leading QA processes and supporting product operations.
Phoenix, full-time or contract work

Amber Corey, Linkedin
Driven, highly confidential and genuine Executive Assistant specializing in C-level support, office management and culture building for over 8 years in the software industry.
Phoenix, full-time

Anati Zubia, Linkedin
12 years of Director or VP-level experience in software industry demand generation and product marketing.
Phoenix, full-time or contract work

Benjamin Mosey, Linkedin
Strategic self-starter with 6 years of software industry experience, specializing in Digital Advertising, Marketing, and Customer Success.
Mesa, full-time

Brad Potthoff, Linkedin
Full-stack, Agile Senior Product Manager/Owner with 10 years of software industry experience in B2B enterprise software, Ed Tech, and mobile.
Dallas-Fort Worth, full-time

Braxton Wood, Linkedin
10 years software industry experience in marketing technology, content marketing, online courses, and WordPress management.
Boise, full-time or contract work

Brian Clark, Linkedin
Focus on Quality Assurance with 6 years of software industry experience in Project Management, Development, and Design.
Phoenix, full-time

Bruce Altmann, Linkedin
Director Level Software Professional Sales, channel, & business development | Software, saas, services | AI, machine learning, analytics, bi, digital business.
Dallas, full-time or contract work

Bryan Carter, Linkedin
IT or Digital Communications Leader with 20+ years of expertise in software development life cycle and general Internet, server, hosting and web technologies.
Phoenix, full-time

Carrie Morgan, Linkedin
Keyword Analyst (Consultant) I help brands understand search behavior and buyer-intent, then apply that insight to their content marketing and SEO.
Phoenix, contract work

Christian Piuma, Linkedin
9 Years Software Industry Experience with past digital health head of sales specializing in the development, ramp, and scale of SMB/MM outbound sales (SDR/AE) teams. Taken two pre-revenue companies through funding and profitability, with one 151M exit in 2016.
Jackson, WY full-time or contract work

Clayton Rendon, Linkedin
Microsoft Azure AD Specialist with over 6-years experience providing software configuration and related infrastructure with exceptional customer service.
Dallas-Fort Worth, full-time

Cody Wilichowski, Linkedin
Implementation, Training & Customer Success Manager with experience in leading SaaS projects, leading teams and exceeding goals. Looking for anything relatable in the SaaS industry.
Scottsdale, full-time

Danielle Kurek, Linkedin
Business Analyst, PSM/PSPO with one year of software industry experience; dissect, distill and define to turn mountains of requirements into bite-sized actionable chunks.
Dallas, full-time or contract work

Dave Murrow, Linkedin
B2B marketing communications pro / content creator with mad skills in content creation, online marketing and social media campaigns. Content experience with audio/video, brochures, emails, presentation decks and more.
Scottsdale, full-time or contract work

Dave Rogers, Linkedin
Sales and Customer Success SaaS veteran with a 10+ year track record of managing large, cross-functional teams, scaling start-ups during hyper-growth and building collaborative teams that consistently exceed goals.
Lehi, full-time

David Calloway, Linkedin
Creative Director and Copywriter with 20 years in the software industry and a track record of building and growing internal creative agencies for SaaS and other software companies.
Austin, full-time or contract work

David Sinck, Linkedin
Software Engineer and Engineering Manager with 20 years in the software industry and expertise in performing and/or managing all phases of software development in an Agile / Scrum environment, leadership, distributed systems, and the cloud.
Phoenix, full-time

Devon Villanueva, Linkedin
Operations manager and recruiter with experience in computer software and healthcare fields.
Phoenix, full-time or contract work

Dre Fay, Linkedin
Email Marketing & Communications Manager and Marketing Strategic Operations professional with 6 years experience in marcomm management, as well as project/program management for creative teams.
Tucson, full-time

Fionn Downhill, Linkedin
Senior Digital Marketing professional with experience leading teams in SEO, Web Design and Development, Software development. Digital Marketing educator at MBA level. Open to some pro bono for the right cause.
Phoenix, full-time or contract work

Heather Cooan, Linkedin
7 years of software industry experience looking for as role as Head of Demand Generation · Vice President Marketing · Marketing Director · Digital Consultant · Digital Marketing Executive
Phoenix, full-time or contract work

J. William Canfield, Linkedin
6 years of software industry experience; I’m a curious lifelong learner with a mind to help people and solve puzzles.
Phoenix, full-time

Jacob Wiggins, Linkedin
Sales Director who can help you scale highly productive teams in the software industry.
Phoenix, full-time or contract work

Jason Simmons, Linkedin
Vice President / Sr Director of Marketing / Author / MBA with 10 years of experience in software industry; expertise in B2B Marketing: marketing ops, product marketing, demand-gen, ABM, events marketing, content marketing, and more.
Phoenix, full-time

Jay Lesure, Linkedin
Senior Business Consultant Implementation Twenty years of multi-level leadership experience. Thorough knowledge and hands on experience in Financial and Professional Services, Customer Care, Implementation and Project Management.
Indianapolis, full-time or contract work

Jeff Orshalick, Linkedin
Designer and Leader with 8 years of experience working with software teams in the financial, ecommerce, and recruiting space.
Phoenix, full-time

Jeremy Wilson, Linkedin
Software Development Leader with expertise in both MVP and enterprise-scale architectures, and exceptional at forming strong, agile teams, with meaningful values and culture, to accomplish business goals.
Phoenix, full-time

Jessica Waggoner, Linkedin
Customer Success and Customer Support Leader Looking for director or manager level positions.
Phoenix, full-time or contract work

Joanna Spanton, Linkedin
SaaS Sales and Account Management Professional with a track record of consistently exceeded quota & providing solutions for businesses ranging from SMB to Enterprise.
Tempe, full-time

Joel Whitley, Linkedin
Manager of Customer Success teams with 7 years of account management, sales, and CS experience. Seeking Sr level, Manager or Director roles.
Phoenix, full-time or contract work

John Springfield, Linkedin
Seasoned Technology Product Management / Marketing leader often called upon to optimize and energize product teams.
Phoenix, full-time or contract work

John Zechlin, Linkedin
Experienced software engineer, leader, and change agent with 12 years in software and a broad range of technical experience, leadership chops, and agile craftsmanship.
Phoenix, full-time

Joshua Grob, Linkedin
Coder, Manager and Keen Student of Team Culture who has worked full-time and consulted for several industries with companies such as NYSE, Vodaphone, Appnexus, ITA Software/Google; recently built an Augmented Reality Mobile App for Dallas Children’s theater.
Dallas, full-time or contract work

Joshua Toole, Linkedin
Manager of Customer Support with a multi-disciplinary background that includes technology, marketing, customer service and content development.
Phoenix, full-time or contract work

Judson VanStee, Linkedin
Dynamic, Results-oriented Leader who specializes in helping improve and standardize processes to gain efficiencies, reduce cost and increase customer satisfaction. #PowerBI, #Excel #ManagedServices #Operations
Phoenix, full-time

Julia Bode, Linkedin
Accomplished Sales Operations professional with extensive experience overseeing all aspects of strategic and tactical sales, marketing and customers service operations for Fortune 500’s, SMB’s and startups.
Phoenix, full-time or contract work

Kate Blake, Linkedin
Customer Solutions Manager with 4 years of experience in digital advertising, seeks to showcase digital marketing skills & creativity.
Phoenix, full-time

Katharina Martinka, Linkedin
General Counsel who Drafts and Negotiates SaaS Licensing Agreements and has worked for $20M to $20B companies, such as Adaptive Insights, F5 Networks, NGINX Software, Insight Direct, and Strava.
Scottsdale, contract work

Kelley Bowers Wyant, Linkedin
Content Strategy and Marketing Communications Leader with 15+ years of experience helping brands find their voice and strengthen their market presence.
Phoenix, full-time or contract work

Kimberly Ross, Linkedin
Tradeshow and Events Manager with experience organizing local, national, and international events.
Dallas, full-time or contract work

Kristen King, Linkedin
Digital Campaign Manager | Copywriter | Marketing & Strategic Operations I am interested in any company with a mission to improve the world around us. I especially enjoy helping others. I look to serve and lead people to success in any way I can offer.
Phoenix, full-time or contract work

Majd Ello, Linkedin
Well-rounded and Empathetic SaaS Customer Success Manager backed by an engineering degree and years of project management experience.
Dallas, full-time

Manisha Mahajan, Linkedin
Business Strategy and Program Leader with deep expertise in Partner and Channel Programs: program implementation, program management, business development and relationship management strategies.
Dallas, full-time or contract work

Mark Donnigan, Linkedin
Working cross-functionally, I have verifiable success leading marketing, sales, and business development teams that have generated more than $300 million in revenue and shareholder value.
Phoenix, full-time or contract work

Matt Cuellar, Linkedin
Committed recruiting and HR professional that excels at implementing winning hiring strategies and connecting growing SaaS companies with top talent.
Phoenix, full-time or contract work

Matt Simpson, Linkedin
Marketing guy. Fractional CMO. Digital agency(ish). with 11 years of software industry experience.
Phoenix, contract work

Michelle Diaz, Linkedin
People Operations leader who is nimble and detail oriented and understands how to engage with People at all levels of the org.
Phoenix, full-time

Mike Brummett, Linkedin
Former entrepreneur turned Product Manager with 6 successful product launches from scratch since 2015.
Kansas City, full-time or contract work

Mike Ray, Linkedin
Architect / Developer / Lead for Microservices, Kubernetes, Java, Python, NodeJS, Kafka, ERP, Data Science, ML, AI.
Phoenix, full-time or contract work

Milan Sebesta, Linkedin
Persuasive and articulate communicator who cultivates extensive knowledge of markets, customers, and services in order to serve as a trusted advisor to customers.
Phoenix, full-time

Nancy A Shenker, Linkedin
Award-winning writer and brand/content strategist with PR experience who has worked with a wide range of SaaS and tech companies for more than 10 years.
Phoenix, contract work

Natalie Luneva, Linkedin
Growth and marketing specialist with 10 years experience scaling companies. Both technical hands on technical and executive experience. SaaS-specific interest, producer of a SaaS podcast, host of an event for SaaS founders, married to a SaaS founder.
Plano, full-time or contract work

Nathan Kryn, Linkedin
(Fractional) Customer Success with 6 years experience in venture/bootstrapped SaaS. AM, CS Ops, and leadership experience.
Phoenix, full-time or contract work

Nicole Scott, Linkedin
Healthcare Data Analyst with 2 years of software industry experience.
Tempe, full-time or contract work

Nikki Nixon, Linkedin
World Class B2B Marketer with a passion for account-based approaches and customer-centric marketing.
Atlanta, full-time or contract work

Olga McCaffrey, Linkedin
9 year software industry leader with a background in product management, data infrastructure, and digital advertising.
Phoenix, full-time

Oscar Loya, Linkedin
Senior Product Manager with experience in Sales | Business Development | Partner Sales | Channel Marketing | Product Manager | Cloud | Scaled Agile | SaaS
Dallas, full-time or contract work

Paola Holderby, Linkedin
Leader and Project Manager, PMP and CSM: proficient in managing risk, continuous process improvement, leading projects and handling time-sensitive, complex transactions.
Phoenix, full-time

Phil McCaffrey, Linkedin
Hands-On Engineering Leader, Strategist, and Implementer who has delivered results everywhere from start-ups to the biggest tech companies in the world..
Phoenix, full-time

Phillip Paquette, Linkedin
Writer and Marketing Strategist with 6 years of software industry experience, developing and executing content strategies including creating content marketing pieces that drive awareness and increase qualified leads for B2B and B2C markets.
Austin, full-time or contract work

Richard Tripp, Linkedin
SaaS product/strategy leader with deep experience in rapid pivots in BI/CRM/ERP and 5 years experience in AI/ML.
Salt Lake City, full-time

Rick Shimko, Linkedin
Strategic leader of B2B demand gen/marketing ops teams with a 15-year track record of meeting pipeline creation & growth goals in start-up, scale-up and enterprise software companies.
Cleveland, full-time

Robert Villarreal, Linkedin
Writer and Marketing Strategist with 10 years of software industry experience; deeply technical with a specialization in product management, product development, project management, operations leadership, and customer outreach/communication.
San Antonio, full-time or contract work

Rohit Sarwate, Linkedin
3 years of software industry experience as a Full Stack Developer | Software Developer | Software Engineer
Arlington, TX, full-time

Ronni Gaun, Linkedin
Senior Director | Customer Experience & Success Executive | Strategic Account Manager with 16 years of experience in the software industry.
Denver, full-time or contract work

Samantha Spector, Linkedin
6 years of software industry experience in online advertising, email marketing, sales, and account management in all forms.
Scottsdale, full-time or contract work

Scotty Smith, Linkedin
B2B Digital Marketing Director/VP with 20+ years “hands on” B2B Digital Marketing, including 12 years Software/Tech. Led 1,000 email campaigns within 4 years.
Dallas, full-time or contract work

Sean Jones, Linkedin
23 years of software industry experience: Project Manager and certified scrum master, experience includes managing cloud hosted SAAS web application/mobile/software/firmware development, DevOps and QA teams.
Boise, full-time

Shane Zink, Linkedin
Data-driven and Highly Organized Leader with a proven ability to develop and implement organizational strategy to achieve key performance indicators.
Phoenix, full-time

Spencer Julien, Linkedin
Digital Marketing Manager with experience taking hospitality and retail projects from inception to completion is actively seeking a role of Digital or eCommerce Product Owner.
Phoenix, full-time or contract work

Spencer Lund, Linkedin
Accomplished full stack software engineer with experience in .NET, React, and AWS, with multiple apps published using React Native.
Phoenix, full-time

Spencer Vail, Linkedin
Senior Customer Support Manager with experience in finance, e-commerce, and mobile technology.
Phoenix, full-time or contract work

Stefanie Causey, Linkedin
Innovative SaaS and Business Strategy Leader with 20+ years experience driving organizational change through integrated software solutions and business process optimization.
Phoenix, full-time or contract work

Stephen Jaffe, Linkedin
20+ years of experience building Engineering teams around cloud and on premise infrastructures, desktop support and endpoint management.
Phoenix, full-time

Sumit Tuladhar, Linkedin
NET/C#/Database Developer with Front & Back End experienced seeking full-time opportunity.
Phoenix, full-time

Tonimarie Cavazos, Linkedin
Customer Success Manager who expertly manages customer relationships and field and channel training programs.
Phoenix, full-time or contract work

Vijay Mummaneni, Linkedin
20 years of QA, Eng, Technical Program Management experience in cloud, Security, large scale test automation, leading global teams, AI/ML, operational excellence.
San Francisco, full-time or contract work


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