#SaaSTalentNow – the curated list of experienced software industry talent looking for work right now

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On Friday, March 20, 2020, the Gregslist team launched #SaaSTalentNow, a curated list of talented people with software industry experience who are actively looking for full-time employment or part-time contract work right now with SaaS companies.

Layoffs, cutbacks, and canceled projects have already begun in the software industry as a result of the COVID-19 epidemic and the rapid economic downturn. Now, many experienced managers, directors, and executives with years of software industry experience are surprised to be looking for full-time work. 

In three days, over 40 job seekers with an average of 13 years of management or executive-level experience requested to be listed on the #SaaSTalentNow page to help them find jobs faster. The #SaaSTalentNow page is updated several times a day as new requests come in. Job seekers with software industry experience can apply for free online with a simple form. 

“Last week, our entire marketing team was laid off at our event management software company, including me,” says marketing director Anati Zubia in Phoenix, Arizona. “Our business dried up fast when so many conferences and events were canceled last month. I have been a successful digital marketing leader for software companies for over 10 years. Now I’m looking for full-time work. It’s been a crazy week.”

The COVID-19 epidemic and the rapid economic downturn is affecting software companies in different ways.

“Software companies with recurring revenues have not been hit as hard in this rapid economic pullback as restaurants, hotels and other businesses, but they are not immune to negative revenue impact. I have spoken with dozens of software CEOs this week. SaaS companies on Gregslist have pulled back spending and slowed hiring, especially smaller software companies,” says Greg Head, 30-year software industry veteran and founder of Gregslist.

“Just a month ago, software companies were fighting to find and recruit top talent. Now many software companies are fighting for their own survival, especially software companies that serve affected industries like hospitality, travel, and retail.”

“Layoffs are just beginning in the software industry, while some tech companies are still hiring. This isn’t like the dot-com bust of 2001 that affected every tech company. There are clearly tech winners and losers in this crisis.”

Tech leaders and HR teams are already using #SaaSTalentNow to find talent that is available to hire immediately. The Gregslist team will be promoting #SaaSTalentNow across the industry to help experienced software industry leaders find jobs fast.

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