List of Software Companies with 501-1,000 Employees in the Boston, Massachusetts Tech Scene

The list of all the software and SaaS companies with 501-1,000 employees in the Boston, MA tech scene is shown below. Massachusetts is home to many technology companies.

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Gregslist of Software Companies with 501-1,000 Employees in the Boston, MA Tech Scene

Staffing and recruiting softwareArthur Papas - CEO, Matthew Fischer - President and CTO, employees, founded in 1999, , , ,
Low-code, process automation and CRM companyKatherine Kostereva - CEO and Founder, Sergey Sorokin - COO, employees, founded in 2002, , , , ,
Enterprise AI platformJeremy Achin - CEO, Tom de Godoy - CTO, employees, founded in 2012, $431,000,000 (funding amount), , , ,
Cloud-based communications and collaboration platformBrian Day - CEO, Rob Scudiere - COO, employees, founded in 2006, $480,000,000 (funding amount), , , ,
Facilities management and real estate process management softwarePerre Guelen - CEO, Fred Guelen - COO and President, employees, founded in 1982, , , ,
Workflow management for SEO professionalsOleg Shchegolev - CEO and Founder, Eugene Levin - Chief Strategy Officer, employees, founded in 2008, $40,000,000 (funding amount), , , ,
Point of sale and restaurant management systemChris Comparato - CEO, Jonathan Grimes - Co-Founder and CTO, employees, founded in 2011, $902,000,000 (funding amount), , , ,
Business continuity and disaster recovery (BCDR) solutions for virtualized infrastructureZiv Kedem - CEO, Oded Kedem - Chief Architect, employees, founded in 2009, $130,000,000 (funding amount), , , ,