Angel Investor Groups and Seed Funds in the Houston Area

Startup and Early-Stage Investor Organizations in Greater Houston and surrounding areas

  1. Access Silicon Valley (Houston)
    The “virtual bridge” to Silicon Valley, where startup entrepreneurs and serial entrepreneurs in real time, get access to and interact with, angels, VCs and great entrepreneurs that they otherwise wouldn’t get the opportunity to see, hear or possibly connect with.
  2. Goose Capital
    GOOSE Capital is an investment firm comprised of Fortune 500 executives, industry titans, and serial entrepreneurs. We invest in breakthrough technologies and innovative founders.
  3. Harvard Business School Club of Houston
    HBS Houston Alumni Angels is a forum for HBS Angels and entrepreneurs to come together and share ideas, mentor, and review business plans of early stage entrepreneurs seeking advice and funding.
  4. Houston Angel Network
    The Houston Angel Network (HAN) is a nonprofit organization dedicated to developing the innovation ecosystem in Houston, Texas by supporting founders and startups with financial resources and mentorship.
  5. Pipeline Angels
    Pipeline Angels is changing the face of angel investing and creating capital for women and non-binary femme social entrepreneurs.
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