Recently Added Software Companies in Raleigh-Durham

The list of software companies added to the Gregslist Raleigh-Durham community in the last two months is shown below.
Last updated April 14th, 2022
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Supplier relationship and risk management platformSteve Yurko - CEO, Derek Binnicker - Senior Vice President, Global Sales, Lori Engebritson - Senior Vice President, Human ResourcesGreensboro, 201-500 employees, founded in 1988, $7,000,000 funding, Private Equity Funding
Root cause analysis softwareCaroline Coltrane - Office ManagerRaleigh, 1-10 employees, founded in 2001, Self-funded
Manufacturing softwareJames Arnold - Sales ConsultantMorrisville, 11-50 employees, founded in 1983, Self-funded
Automating invoice and payment processing for mid sized businessesMichael Praeger - CEO, Jessica Antle - Vice President, Head of Brand Marketing and Communications, Todd Cunningham - Chief People OfficerCharlotte, 1001-5000 employees, founded in 2000, Public
Quality assurance tool for precision manufacturersRolin Roork - Customer Success ManagerRaleigh, 11-50 employees, founded in 2004, Acquired
Car dealer softwareRyan Kelley - CEO, Landon Tallent - Vice President of Sales, Matt Kelley - Director of MarketingApex, 1-10 employees, founded in 2001, Self-funded
Sequence analysis tools for molecular biologistsKevin Kendall - CEO & PresidentApex, 1-10 employees, founded in 2007, Self-funded
CNC programming solutionTony Ledbetter - PresidentAlbemarle, 1-10 employees, founded in 1986, Self-funded
Full-service home buyer with software platformEric Wu - Co-Founder and CEO, Megan Meyer Toolson - Chief Customer Officer, Tom Willerer - Chief Product OfficerCharlotte, 5001-10000 employees, founded in 2014, $1,500,000,000 funding, VC-funded
Consumer billpay networkDushyant Sharma - CEO & President, Kathryn Foley - Vice President Marketing, Joshua Vieira - Global Talent LeaderCharlotte, 501-1000 employees, founded in 2004, Public
Compliant customer contact operationsJames Barham - CEO, Darren Gill - Chief Revenue Officer, Nicole Von Seggern - Marketing DirectorCharlotte, 51-200 employees, founded in 1999, Public
Technology platform for payroll service providersMatt Minafo - Director of Marketing, Sales, and Client RelationsApex, 1-10 employees, founded in 2008, Self-funded
Product information management for retailSteve Engelbrecht - CEO & Founder, Carsten Krohn - Vice President of Sales & MarketingApex, 11-50 employees, founded in 2001, Self-funded
Maintenance management softwareSamina Mughal - CEO, Sanjay Murthi - ManagerApex, 1-10 employees, founded in 2002, Self-funded
SEO softwareBrian Dunn - FounderApex, 1-10 employees, founded in 2001, Self-funded
Virtual classroom and LMS softwareHarman Singh - CEO & Founder, Irshad Mir - Manager, Business DevelopmentApex, 201-500 employees, founded in 2007, $4,000,000 funding, VC-funded
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