Welcome to Gregslist of Toronto Software and SaaS companies

Welcome to the new Gregslist of Toronto software and SaaS companies at Gregslist.com/Toronto. It’s an accurate and curated list of software companies in the greater Toronto area in Ontario, Canada. Greglist Toronto is available as a free community resource to help founders and leaders of local tech companies connect with the resources they need to grow and succeed.

Gregslist started as my personal volunteer project in 2016 in Toronto to help out my friends who were running software companies there. It became very popular and is used by founders, tech execs, job seekers, investors, service providers, and tech community leaders every month.

Gregslist is also available in TorontoDallas-Fort Worth,  Salt Lake City, Boston, Austin, and Atlanta and we are adding hundreds of software companies every month.

Here’s what’s new on the expanded Gregslist on gregslist.com/toronto

  1. See all the local software company offices on an interactive map of Toronto software companies.
  2. You can search for any information to find companies faster. Search by company name, a contact name, or anything else to find companies faster.
  3. Custom filters allow you to see just the companies you want: by city, category, industry, size, age, and more. Create your own custom lists using the new filters.
  4. Every list can be sorted by company age, size, or the date the company was added to the list.
  5. We curate and classify every company by category, industry, and type so you can find a list for just the companies you care about.
  6. There are over 100 new specialized list pages for each city, size, age, funding type, category, industry and more
  7. Each region has lists of community resources of tech events, tech organizations, angel groups, incubators, tech workspaces, and more.
  8. Now all these lists and resources are easy to find and share at gregslist.com, the new home of Gregslist, not on my personal website.
  9. Monthly update emails and blog posts for each region to find out what has changed on Gregslist that month, learn about new lists, and get insights about what’s happening in your local tech community.
  10. New Community Partners in each region whose support makes it possible for the Gregslist team to curate new companies and keep every list up-to-date.
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Check it out and let us know what you think. We think you’ll find it very useful,

Please let us know if there are any Toronto software companies we should add to Gregslist.