New Software Companies in Chicago Between 0-2 Years Old

This includes the new software startups and new SaaS companies in Greater Chicago that are younger than 2 years old. They were all founded in 2018, 2019 or 2020.

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Software Companies in Greater Chicago Between 0-2 Years Old

Software integrations platform for development teamsTommy Skinner - Co-Founder, Wally Ibrahim - CTO, employees, founded in 2018, , ,
Analytics platform for e-commerce businessesJustin Arnold - Founder and CEO, employees, founded in 2018, , ,
Online platform for small and medium sized business fundingAlex Newmann - Co-founder and CEO, employees, founded in 2018, , ,
Culture engagement solution that increases workplace connectivity and inclusionJasmine Shells - Co-Founder and CEO, Denise Umubyeyi - Co-Founder and COO, employees, founded in 2018, , , ,
Giving individuals more control over their health records, decisions and careTerrence Ryan - CEO, Jeff Galas - Managing Partner, employees, founded in 2018, ,
Advanced customer authentication and on boarding solutions for online businessesHolly Urban - CEO, employees, founded in 2019, , ,
Financial modeling and KPI dashboards for CFOsWilliam Cordes - Founder and CEO, employees, founded in 2019, , ,
Transportation and logistics marketplaceEd Stockman - Co-Founder and CEO, John Tozer - Co-Founder and COO, employees, founded in 2018, , ,
End-to-end qualitative insights platformNihal Advani - Founder and CEO, Milan Sharma - CTO, employees, founded in 2018, , ,
Trading strategy testing software, employees, founded in 2019, , ,
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Automated real estate tax dispute platform for homeownersThomas Dowling - Co-Founder and CEO, Geoff Segal - Co-Founder, employees, founded in 2019, ,
Alerts, recommendations, and predictions for the public water systemSeyi Fabode - Founder and CEO, Jamail Carter - Co-Founder, employees, founded in 2018, , ,