McKinney Economic Development Corporation

The McKinney Economic Development Corporation supports new startups and business relocations in McKinney, Texas.

McKinney Economic Development Corporation (MEDC) is a sales tax-funded, statutory nonprofit corporation dedicated to economic development. It leads, directs, and coordinates the broad-based expansion of the city’s business tax base and promotes sustainable growth, thereby continuously enhancing the quality of life in McKinney.

McKinney has a young, highly educated workforce. We are one of the fastest-growing communities and regions in America, so our resources only continue to grow. Companies in McKinney have access to the county’s existing labor pool and our own Collin College for excellent academic and occupationally-related training programs.
The MEDC is focused on delivering attraction assistance and continued growth and expansion assistance so that your corporation can join our community and celebrate with us for decades to come.
McKinney Economic Development Corporation
5307 E Mockingbird Land
8th Floor
Dallas, TX 75206
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