Scaling efficient customer support with high-quality live chat – Piyush Parikh and Ashwin Bhadri

Are you struggling to efficiently scale your customer support for your SaaS product?

In this Ask an Expert in-depth video interview, I ask SaaS customer support experts Piyush Parikh and Ashwin Bhadri the most common questions I hear from entrepreneurs who want to scale high-quality customer support in the most efficient ways to grow customer satisfaction and LTV.

Piyush and Ashwin answer these questions about scaling SaaS customer support;

  1. What has changed SaaS customer support in the “post-COVID” era?
  2. How are SaaS companies handling the talent crunch to deliver consistent customer success as they grow?
  3. How are customer success and customer support different in SaaS companies?
  4. What are SaaS companies doing to scale customer support conversations efficiently as they grow?
  5. Are bots helpful for SaaS customers who have simple or complicated questions?
  6. What are the cost savings and customer satisfaction improvements that are typical with outsourced chat support?
  7. How long does it take to get an outsourced support team to be as productive as an internal team?
  8. Do you need documented support processes to get started with external support partners?
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Equinox Agents is a leading provider of outsourced live customer support chat for growing B2B SaaS companies. In 10 years, their team of over 100 agents has provided live human support with over 10 million chats for over 20 SaaS companies.

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