Recently Added Software Companies in Phoenix

The list of software companies added to the Gregslist Phoenix community in the last two months is shown below.
Last updated March 12th, 2023
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Consumer lived experience data and analytics softwareAdam Stepanovic - CEO and Co-Founder, Emily Carano - Director of Customer SuccessFlagstaff, 11-50 employees, founded in 2018, $4,500,000 funding, Angel or Seed Funding
Marketing attribution and analytics softwareJonathan Kressaty - CEO, Danielle Morrill - Co-Founder and CTOScottsdale, 1-10 employees, founded in 2021, $5,800,000 funding, Angel or Seed Funding
Graphics workflow solution for printed apparel businessesCraig Mertens - General Manager, Willem Spilt - Account ExecutiveTempe, 11-50 employees, founded in 2020, Self-funded
Digital RAID log software for project managersKim Essendrup - CEO and Co-Founder, Lauren Caughlan - Marketing DirectorPhoenix, 1-10 employees, founded in 2021, Self-funded
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