Recently Added Software Companies in Phoenix

The list of software companies added to the Gregslist Phoenix community in the last two months is shown below.
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Thin-client/zero-client endpoint management softwareMartin Pladgeman - CEO and President, Andy Martin - Chief Operating Officer, Barry Ginsberg - Chief Finance OfficerPhoenix, 51-200 employees, founded in 2003, Self-funded
Supply chain intelligence using IoT sensorsJonathan A. Payne - CEO and Founder, Rhett Walker - Business Development ManagerScottsdale, 1-10 employees, founded in 2020, Self-funded
Volunteer and case management for the CASA networkRobert Hahn - Co-FounderPhoenix, 1-10 employees, founded in 2010, Self-funded
"Fair trade" rideshare where drivers keep 100% of the fairChris Kolb - CEO and Co-Founder, Garrett Kolb - FounderPhoenix, 1-10 employees, founded in 2020, $148,000 funding, Angel or Seed Funding
Collaboration software for software product teamsDylan Schiemann - CEO and Co-Founder, Nemanja Tosic - Co-FounderGilbert, 1-10 employees, founded in 2020, Undisclosed funding, Angel or Seed Funding
ERP for online storesThierry Zerbib - CEOTempe, 11-50 employees, founded in 1982, Self-funded
AI-powered talent assessment for hiring optimizationJonathan Whistman - CEOScottsdale, 11-50 employees, founded in 2015, $3,600,000 funding, Angel or Seed Funding
All-in-one software for pool service companiesAdam Beech - CEO and Founder, Matt Kwasny - Sales ManagerPhoenix, 1-10 employees, founded in 2018, Self-funded
Software for frictionless healthcare patient paymentsRachel Mertensmeyer - CEO and Founder, Elizabeth Furst - Chief Operating Officer and Co-FounderPhoenix, 11-50 employees, founded in 2018, $3,900,000 funding, Angel or Seed Funding
Client data collection software built for accounting firmsEnoch Ko - CEO and Founder, Adam Russell - Head of SalesTempe, 11-50 employees, founded in 2019, Undisclosed funding, Other
Industrial asset and network monitoring solutionJori VanAntwerp - CEO and Co-Founder, Miad Moussawi - Vice President of Marketing, Jason Moore - Vice President of SalesChandler, 1-10 employees, founded in 2020, $15,500,000 funding, VC-funded
Software for the traffic control equipment rental industryBarbara Hyde - Vice President, Sai Kumar Kata - Director of OperationsPeoria, 11-50 employees, founded in 1995, Self-funded
Optical tracking solution for baseball developmentKevin Davidson - CEO, Jonny Gomes - Head of Business Strategies, Bill Bales - FounderPhoenix, 11-50 employees, founded in 2010, Self-funded
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