Benefits rainmakers, culture activists & superhuman performance hackers for innovative Phoenix tech companies

benifit is reimagining the workplace. We help high-growth companies find new ways to win talent and elevate human potential like never before. By bringing clarity, creativity, and strategy to organizations, we help leaders make sense of the confusion and overwhelm that comes with traditional approaches to benefits planning.

We offer an array of employee benefit solutions such as strategic planning, insurance, analytics and compliance in addition to wellbeing and culture programs. For Phoenix software companies from early-stage to IPO, can be your benefits and human potential development partner for the arc of your company’s growth.

We believe it’s time to transform this cost center into a power center that fuels performance and elevates culture. We are driving a conversation around what it means to be human inside the workplace through solutions we offer in benefits, risk, and wellbeing. is headquartered in Phoenix serving modern, high-growth companies across the U.S.
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