6 Keys to Successful Coworking for AZ Entrepreneurs and Tech Startups

Guest post by Kristin Whitnable, operations manager of AZ CoWork in Scottsdale, Arizona

Even the most productive and focused entrepreneurs can get burnt out while working from home. Whether it’s your kids making surprise appearances during virtual meetings or your spouse hogging the wifi, working from home for months on end can cause you to become counterproductive.

Coworking spaces like AZ CoWork in Scottsdale are equipped with spaces and resources to keep you on track as you scale your startup. Read below to learn the key ways to cowork successfully for Arizona tech startups and entrepreneurs.

Here are six benefits of working at a tech coworking space in Phoenix or Scottsdale.

1. Take Advantage of the Community

Needing to hash out an idea and get another founder’s thoughts? Choosing a coworking community that has both local tech founders as well as entrepreneurs in other fields caters to more unique collaboration and a larger, more diverse network.

2. Control Your Work Environment

Don’t mind being around others throughout the day as you work? Prefer to have a private office? Choosing a space with different options provides the flexibility to cater to you and your team’s individual work-style.

3. Creative and Inspirational Atmosphere

Working from your kitchen table can only provide so much inspiration. An environment rich in colorful artwork and modern collaboration areas feeds creativity. And as an added bonus, it impresses clients and visitors that come in to meet with you!

4. Beyond Desks and Offices

Whether you need to record a podcast or film a video, having a fully equipped on-site Audio Visual studio that is mere steps away makes it easier than ever to expand your business through media. Planning a workshop, lunch and learn, or meeting? No need to host at a hotel or meet at a crowded and noisy coffee shop. A coworking space with meeting areas that can fit anywhere from 8 to 70 people eliminates the need to scramble when scheduling meetings.

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5. Fuel Your Workday

With complimentary coffee, soda, and snacks, you never have to worry about forgetting your food at home when that mid-morning hunger rolls around. Grab a cup of coffee, some trail mix, and #GSD!

6. Location, Location, Location

It’s no secret that founders are busy people. Why work outside your home if the commute removes substantial time from your day? Choosing a space in your community that is conveniently located to major highways like the 101, a variety of restaurants, and is close to your neighborhood makes it convenient for not only you, but for visitors to have easy access as well.

There are countless benefits of working in a local and founder-focused coworking space when scaling your startup.

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