Ask an Expert – Turning Your Idea into a Successful Software Product – Vincent Serpico

Do you have an idea for a new software product?

In this Ask an Expert in-depth video interview, I ask software development expert Vincent Serpico the 10 most common questions I hear from entrepreneurs who want to build a software product for their startup or small business.

  1. What are the ways entrepreneurs are getting software products built these days?
  2. What about no-code software tools?
  3. How do I know if my software idea is a good one?
  4. How much should I spend to get a sellable first product built?
  5. What are the steps involved to develop a new software product?
  6. How are founders funding this software development?
  7. What are the most common pitfalls to avoid?
  8. Do the technology stack and code language matter?
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Vincent Serpico is the founder and CEO of Founders Workshop. Founders Workshop builds web and mobile apps for founders and business owners who are serious about growing their businesses. Based in Phoenix, Arizona, they have designed and developed over 150 software solutions in the last 12 years.