Angel Investor Groups and Seed Funds in the Salt Lake City Area

Startup and Early-Stage Investor Organizations in Greater Salt Lake City and surrounding areas

  1. 42.Ventures
    Everyone involved with 42v has started and grown their own business which means they know what it takes to win. 42v invests between $250,000 and $1.5 million in a typical deal. There is no time frame on exit, nor is there a fixed structure for investing. We like companies that already have products and customers and seek out businesses with well defined markets generally focused on a specific industry or specialized function.
    Ned Stringham, Managing Partner
  2. Kickstart Seed Fund
    Kickstart is known for being accessible, willing to lead investments in promising but early teams, and for being fair with entrepreneurs and investors alike. Kickstart Seed Fund is one of the most active investors in Utah and is synonymous with seed capital in the region.
    Gavin Christensen, Founder and Managing Partner
  3. MountainWest Capital Network
    Capital flow is our mission. Rewarding business performance is our passion. Through our Signature events, MWCN members share their knowledge and donate their talents to serve the economic interests of fellow members.
    Cheri Waldron, Executive Director
  4. Park City Angels
    The Park City Angels are a group of 50+ accredited investors located in Park City, Utah. We are looking to invest in promising opportunities that have obtained meaningful traction, have a strong team, and that can produce significant shareholder return. We invest in opportunities ranging from $150k to $2M individually or as a group.
  5. Peterson Partners
    Peterson Partners has partnered with exceptional entrepreneurs. This experience has confirmed for us that people are the key differentiator in success. Entrepreneurial leaders are different from other leaders. They’re the people creating the future, the people so determined to get things done that they make magic. They are the change makers.
    Joel Peterson, Chairman and Founder
  6. SLC Angels
    We are a group of Salt Lake City-based, accredited investors interested in early-stage, high-growth companies. The SLC Angels mentor promising entrepreneurs and invest in their growing companies.
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