Financial Services Software Companies in the Greater Salt Lake City Area

This is the list of financial services software and SaaS companies that are located in Greater Salt Lake City, Utah. These companies serve businesses in the financial services or insurance industries.

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Gregslist of Financial Services Software Companies in the Salt Lake City

Client and practice management software for accountantsLyle Ball - CEO, Rod Sturgis - CIO, employees, founded in 2016, , ,
Client management software for tax professionalsKurt Avarell - CEO & Founder, Rod Gilbert - Vice President, employees, founded in 2014, $85, , ,
Sales analytics tools for financial services companiesJohn Hyde - Founder and CEO, employees, founded in 2007, , ,
Advanced digital banking services for credit unionsGrant Parry - President and CEO, Kelly Warfel - Vice President, employees, founded in 2007, $6, , ,
Credit union management softwareBret Weekes - CEO & President, Amber Harsin - EVP Market Engagement, employees, founded in 1991, , ,
Buyer verification for mortgage lendersSteve Smith - Co-Founder and CEO, Nick Thomas - Co-Founder, President, and Chief Scientist and Innovation Officer, employees, founded in 2000, $79, , ,
Core software for credit unionsSean M. Holcomb - COO, James M. Simonsen - CTO, employees, founded in 1978, , ,
Cross platform quoting application for insurance industryKevin Pohmer - CEO, Brandon Beeks - CTO, employees, founded in 2013, $450, , ,
Enterprise software for financial institutionsJared Hales - CEO, Bart Liechty - Chief Sales Officer, employees, founded in 2013, , ,
Data platform for banks, credit unions, and fintechsRyan Caldwell - CEO & Founder, Brandon Dewitt - CTO & Co-Founder, employees, founded in 2010, $175, , ,
Compliant token wallet for blockchain currencyJim Borzilerri - CEO, employees, founded in 2016, , ,
Video platform for banking branches to reach customersGene Pranger - Founder and CEO, Jed Taylor - President, employees, founded in 2016, , ,