Welcome to Gregslist Salt Lake City

Gregslist Salt Lake City is the up-to-date and curated list of software and SaaS companies located in the Salt Lake City area in Utah, also called the Silicon Slopes.

I’m Greg Head. My curated list of software companies in Arizona started as a personal volunteer project over three years ago when I lived in Salt Lake City. It is used by founders, tech execs, job seekers, investors, service providers and tech community leaders in Salt Lake City and became very popular there.

Now I live in Dallas with my wife, but I also live part-time in Utah and visit often. I have been watching closely as the Utah software community has evolved since the early 1990s. It’s truly amazing to watch the explosive growth of the Silicon Slopes tech community at every level. I have many friends in Utah who are creating new companies and doing big things.

I’m bringing Gregslist to Salt Lake City to help everyone here who is creating, innovating, and helping their local communities by starting and growing software companies in Utah.

Now Gregslist is now available for Salt Lake City, Salt Lake City, and Dallas-Fort Worth. We are adding hundreds of companies every month. New Gregslist regions will be added in 2020, including Chicago, Atlanta, Boston, San Diego, Denver, Austin and more.

There’s a lot going on in the software industry outside of Silicon Valley and outside the big, funded companies that we already hear about. Gregslist shines on a light on ALL software companies to connect talent, funding, connections, support, and attention to these crazy founders who are creating the next generation of successful software companies.

Crowdsourced national listings of tech companies are notorious for being incomplete and outdated. Local top 10 lists, funding articles and media coverage of big software companies don’t cover 90% of software companies in a region, including the Silicon Slopes.

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Gregslist is the curated and up-to-date listing of software companies in select metro regions in North America, managed and updated by myself and my team, not crowdsourced or automated bots.

Here’s what’s new on the expanded gregslist.com/salt-lake-city launched in February 2020:

  1. Gregslist Salt Lake City is the up-to-date and fast-growing list of real, active software companies based in the Salt Lake City area in Utah. We are adding between 30-50 software companies a month from across the Silicon Slopes that includes companies in Utah County, Salt Lake County, and Weber County, from Provo to Ogden.
  2. You can search for any information to find companies on the list. Search by company name, a contact name or anything else to find companies.
  3. Custom filters allow you to see just the companies you want: by city, category, industry, size, age and more. Create your own custom lists using the new filters.
  4. Gregslist Salt Lake City has over 100 specialized list pages that show companies in each city, by size, age, funding type, category, industry and more.
  5. Every list can be sorted by company age, size, or the date the company was added to the list.
  6. We curate and classify every company by category, industry, and type so you can find a list for just the companies you care about.
  7. Each region has community resources lists of local tech events, organizations, angel groups, and more. We are building these SLC resource lists now.
  8. See all the Salt Lake City area software company offices on an interactive map.
  9. Our local Community Partners provide the support to make it possible for the Gregslist team to curate new companies and keep every list up-to-date. We are talking to local leaders in Utah right now who are interested in partnering.
  10. Will will be sending monthly update emails and sharing insights so you can find out what has changed on Gregslist SLC that month, learn about new lists, and get insights about what’s happening in your local tech community.

So take a look and tell us what you think and let us know if there are any software companies we should add to the list in SLC.