Gregslist San Diego by the Numbers – August 2020

San Diego software companies added to Gregslist this month

226 software companies in San Diego were added to Gregslist this month.

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Gregslist San Diego Totals

226 Total Active Software Companies
226 New Companies Added in the last month
226 New Companies Added in the last 12 months
211 California-based Software Companies
15 Remote Offices for Software Companies based Outside of CA
10,500 Estimated software company employment in CA
16 Software companies led by women

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San Diego Software Company Jobs

0 Experienced software professionals on the Talent page
0 Job openings listed recently for San Diego software companies
107 Software companies with active jobs or careers pages

San Diego Software Companies by Size

48 Startup (1-10 employees)
110 Small (11-50 employees)
61 Medium (51-500 employees)
7 Large (501+ employees)

Includes employees at CA based companies as well as Remote Offices

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San Diego Software Companies by Funding Type

101 Self Funded 56%
47 VC Funded 15%
37 Angel or Seed Funded 12%
26 Acquired 10%
2 Public 5%

Top Cities for California Software Companies

213 San Diego 94%
6 La Jolla 3%
4 Carlsbad 2%

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San Diego SaaS Companies by Type of Software

201 B2B SaaS
15 Consumer
4 Fintech
6 B2Government SaaS

The San Diego software list launched in August 2020.

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