Cannabis Software Companies in the Greater Phoenix Area

This is the list of cannabis software and SaaS companies that are located in Greater Phoenix, Arizona. These companies serve the growing cannabis industry.

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Gregslist of Cannabis Software Companies in Greater Phoenix

Point of sales and CRM solution for the cannabis industryVartan Arabyan - Co-Founder, Dan Hirsch - Co-Founder, employees, founded in 2017, , ,
Community platform for cannabis professionalsNick Morin - CEO, employees, founded in 2016, , , ,
ERP and compliance software for the cannabis industryJason Saunders - CEO and Chief Data Scientist, Brian Benene - COO, employees, founded in 2015, $500, , ,
Medical marijuana delivery marketplaceJonathan Ghiz - Co-Founder and CEO, Justin Schudel - Co-Founder and Managing Partner, employees, founded in 2015, , ,
Analytics software for cannabis extraction laboratoriesPaul Coble - CEO, employees, founded in 2018, , ,