Cloud and Software Development Tools Software Companies in the Salt Lake City Metro Area

This is a list of all the Cloud and Software Development Tools software and SaaS companies located in Salt Lake City, Utah. The metropolitan Salt Lake City area is home to many technology companies.

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Gregslist of Cloud and Software Development Tools Software Companies in Salt Lake City

Low code database management platform for healthcareJeremiah Johnson - CEO, James Schriever - CIO, employees, founded in 1999, , , ,
Improving software platforms through better usabilityWilliam Fleming - CEO, Joseph Ssempala - CTO, employees, founded in 2018, , , ,
IT management and migration platformAnthony Castorani - CEO & President, employees, founded in 1996, , , ,
Automation platforms for common computer tasksJimmy Martin - CEO, employees, founded in 1990, , , ,
Web information scraping toolsBrett Haskins - CEO, Corey Young - President and COO, employees, founded in 2004, $1, , , ,
Low-code development platformRick Willett - CEO, Doug Wendell - CFO, employees, founded in 1999, , , ,
SecOps and DevOps automationMarc Chenn - Co-Founder and CEO, Thomas S Hatch - Founder and CTO, employees, founded in 2012, $27, , , ,