Phoenix Metro Area Software Companies

There are currently 548 software companies in the Phoenix metropolitan area on this list, including 450 Arizona-based software companies and 98 remote offices of non-Arizona software companies.

Gregslist of Greater Phoenix Software Companies is the comprehensive and up-to-date list of software and SaaS companies in metropolitan Phoenix and Tucson in Arizona. Last updated March 5, 2020. 

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Gregslist of Software Companies in Phoenix, AZ

Modern business software for print shopsJP Hunt - Partner and Co-Founder, employees, founded in 2009, , ,
Healthcare patient data and management platformIsrael Haikin - Founder and CEO, Dan Abitbol - CTO, employees, founded in 2016, $1, , , ,
Digital customer engagement platform for the insurance industry.Sonny Patel - Founder and CEO, employees, founded in 2016, $1, , ,
Marketing demand generation platform for outbound campaignsJeremy Bloom - CEO, Scott Brown - CTO, employees, founded in 2010, $80, , ,
Healthcare analytics and forecasting solutionsJennifer Zweifel - CFO, employees, founded in 1983, , ,
Real-time customer experience feedback via video and voiceDrew Watkins - Founder and Product Manager, employees, founded in 2019, , ,
Small business accounting and personal tax softwareSusan Goodarzi - CEO, Brad Smith - Executive Chairman, employees, founded in 1983, , , ,
Personalized nutrition analysis systemLubna Ahmad - CEO, employees, founded in 2016, $898, , ,
E-discovery support and converting from client-server to SaaSDean Brown - CEO, Sarai Schubert - COO, employees, founded in 1989, , , ,

Indecomm Digital Services (IDS) helps software companies in Phoenix and across the country extend their product engineering teams through outsourced development. Our 4,000+ employees across the world help mid-sized, large and global companies develop their world-class software products. Based on your needs, you choose the location of your product engineering team and help select the […]

Information technology services for the healthcare verticalAri Bousbib - CEO and Chairman, Mike McDonnell - EVP and CFO, employees, founded in 1954, , , ,
Advertising platform for mobile phone adsJim Wolfinger - President and CEO, Matthew Feadler - CTO, employees, founded in 2007, $3, , ,
ISO 27001 and ISMS clause 4-10 management softwareDavid Anders - President and CEO, employees, founded in 2013, , ,
Substance abuse treatment platformSean Gunderson - Co-Founder and CEO, Brad Wilde - Co-Founder, employees, founded in 2015, , ,
Employee risk and compliance mitigation softwareJo Lynn Clemens - CEO, employees, founded in 2016, , , ,
Compliance mgt. software when selling to federal gov't.Christopher Lank - CEO and Founder, Greg Jonas - CFO, employees, founded in 2002, , ,
Online management of certification and job-related documentsLisa Porter - CEO and Founder, Gavin Stevens - Co-Founder and CTO, employees, founded in 2016, , , ,
Learning experience personalization and training for enterprisesJonathan Cottrell - CEO and Founder, Raz Yalov - CTO and Co-Founder, employees, founded in 2018, , ,
Case management software for forensic laboratoriesSimon Key - President, Jeff Braucher - CFO, employees, founded in 1995, , ,

Keyser exclusively represents tenants and assists them with their commercial real estate needs Keyser is a national occupier-only, commercial real estate brokerage, based in Scottsdale. By only representing occupiers of space, and never landlords, you can be sure that we’re dedicated to you and free from any conflicts of interest. Whether it’s managing a global portfolio of […]

Powerful Kanban project management softwareDimitri Ponomareff - Co-Founder and CEO, Kristen Varona - CIO and Co-Founder, employees, founded in 2018, , ,
Sales and marketing automation for small businessesClate Mask - CEO, Keith Reed - COO, employees, founded in 2001, $147, , ,
Dispatch system for public safetyFraser Singleton - Co-Founder, employees, founded in 2016, , ,
Invoice management for global freight companiesKevin Collignon - CEO, David Haynes - Co-Founder, employees, founded in 2017, , ,
ERP and compliance software for the cannabis industryJason Saunders - CEO and Chief Data Scientist, Brian Benene - COO, employees, founded in 2015, $500, , ,
GDPR, PCI, HIPAA, FERPA compliance softwareChandra Ambadipudi - CEO, Lenin Aboagye - Chief Security Architect, employees, founded in 2017, , ,
Home services platform for homeowners and contractorsDominic Bartola - Co-Founder, Mahesh Vinayagam - Co-Founder and CSO, employees, founded in 2018, $250, ,
Mobile analytics and distributor software for direct selling industryMatthew Lind - Founder and CEO, Brian Palmer - Co-Founder and Chairman, employees, founded in 2015, , ,
Cryptocurrency and blockchain integration platformVenkat Nallapati - Founder and CEO, Jaycen Horton - Co-Founder, employees, founded in 2017, , ,
User10 Gregslist Phoenix

User10 is a product strategy and design studio for software companies. We offer select SaaS clients consulting, research, UX/UI design, and interaction design services. We specialize in product ideation for fundraising and the design of new SaaS products and features. In addition to working with some of the largest and fastest-growing software companies in the […]

Exam delivery software for professionalsWilliam Dorman - CEO, Elon Flegenheimer - CTO, employees, founded in 2001, , ,
Enterprise managed security software and servicesAndrew Howard - CEO, employees, founded in 2012, , , ,
Immigration, I-9 and E-Verify integration softwareJohn Fay - President, Jennifer Harris - VP of Technology, employees, founded in 2000, , ,
Website marketing platform for lawyersDan Jaffe - CEO, Derek Johnson - Co-Founder and CTO, employees, founded in 2011, $1, , ,
B2B website analytics and lead generationLisa McDonough - Chief Revenue Officer, employees, founded in 2009, , , ,
Lead generation software platformJustin McGill - Founder, Damian Thompson - Co-Founder, employees, founded in 2014, $275, , ,
Lead generation using online quizzesDornubari Vizor - Co-Founder, Jeremy Ellens - Co-Founder, employees, founded in 2015, , ,
Personal financial planning SaaS platformJohn Schlifske - Chairman, President, and CEO, Souheil Badran - EVP, COO, employees, founded in 2009, , ,
Marketing platform for apartment ownersMike Mueller - Founder and CEO, Larry Gorman - COO, employees, founded in 2012, , ,

UpRecruit is an intelligent recruiting platform that matches tech talent in Phoenix to the area’s most innovative technology companies. We help software developers, product managers, and data scientists within the Phoenix tech community build meaningful careers and support local software companies in finding and hiring quality talent. For tech talent in Phoenix looking for their dream […]

Software-driven homeowners insurance providerDaniel Schreiber - CEO and Co-Founder, Tim Bixby - CFO, employees, founded in 2015, $480, , ,
Remote patient monitoring platform for wireless devicesKent Dicks - Founder and CEO, employees, founded in 2015, $1, , ,
Location-based mobile marketing platformDavid Anderson - CEO, employees, founded in 2015, , ,
Content delivery platform and networkBob Lento - President and CEO, Sandra Brisentine - Vice President, employees, founded in 2001, , ,
Virtual reality education platform for K-12Jim Ameduri - Managing Partner, Ron Shaffer - Partner, employees, founded in 2018, , ,
Load testing software and servicesAndy Hawkes - Founder, employees, founded in 2004, , ,
Recruiting and hiring platformRyan Naylor - CEO, employees, founded in 2011, , ,
Business communications and conferencing softwareWilliam Wagner - President and CEO, Marc van Zadelhoff - COO, employees, founded in 2003, , , ,
Ride-sharing software and serviceLogan Green - Co-Founder and CEO, John Zimmer - Co-Founder and President, employees, founded in 2012, , ,

Osborn Maledon is a Phoenix business law firm focused specifically on supporting startups, growth companies, tech founders and investors from inception through exit. We do that by developing deep relationships with our clients in an outside general counsel model, providing the core legal services these clients need, including entity structuring and strategy, venture and PE financing and […]

Compliance management and corrective action trackingRoy Kingsley - President, employees, founded in 1970, , ,
Security photo documentation mgt. software for law enforcementRobert Adams - Owner, employees, founded in 2001, , ,
iTunes DRM removal software, employees, founded in 2009, ,
Product recommendation engine for digital shoppersRich Falcone - President and CEO, employees, founded in 2003, , ,
Payroll tax compliance automation software for Government, employees, founded in 1997, , ,
Construction project management and billing softwareTodd McCormick - CEO and President, Paul Wheaton - VP of Sales, employees, founded in 1979, , ,
Financial and business process automation for healthcare industryNeil de Crescenzo - President and CEO, Fredrik Eliasson - Executive Vice President and CFO, employees, founded in 1833, , , ,
Medical practice management platformWilliam J Schroeder - CEO, Bryan Jick - CMO, employees, founded in 1988, , ,
Expense management platform for telecommunications companiesCharles Layne - CEO, Daman Woods - COO, employees, founded in 1995, , ,
StartupAZ Collective

StartupAZ Collective helps accelerate the performance of the region’s highest potential startup companies. Emerging leaders make a 12-month commitment to each other to combine their talents, networks, and resources to help each other achieve success in building their companies and creating a lasting impact in the community. StartupAZ looks for emerging, early-stage companies with revenue […]

Meal planning and grocery list automationAmanda (Oppenheim) Tegtmeyer - CEO and Co-Founder, Arash Tadayon - Co-Founder and Head of Development, employees, founded in 2018, , ,
Retail store website platform and digital signageJim Lukens - Vice President, employees, founded in 2011, , ,
Media targeting and segmentation platform for healthcare marketingMichael Weintraub - Founder and CEO, Eric Trepanier - Executive Vice President and General Manager, employees, founded in 2006, , ,
Software for rehabilitation and respiratory care centersBill Miller - CEO, Steve Morgan - COO, employees, founded in 1986, , ,
On-demand, video-based access to healthcare providersBill Goodwin - CEO, Glenn Dean - CFO, employees, founded in 2010, , ,
Extracurricular activity tracking for parents of studentsDavid Wachtel - CEO and Founder, employees, founded in 2016, ,
Business management software for the spa and fitness industryRick Stollmeyer - Co-Founder and CEO, Josh McCarter - President, employees, founded in 2001, , , ,
Portable digital personal healthcare record managementMitch Foster - CEO, John Limpic - Co-founder, employees, founded in 2016, $1, ,
Dental patient communications platformBrian Harris - VP Sales and Marketing, employees, founded in 2017, $50, , ,

Founders Workshop builds web apps and mobile apps for startups and non-technical industry experts who are founding new companies. Based in Phoenix, Arizona, our team has worked with founders to design and create over 125 web and mobile apps in the last 11 years. We understand the unique needs of founders who are savvy about their […]

Financial account management solutions for law firmsTed Davault - CEO, Barbara Stanfield - General Manager, employees, founded in 1988, , ,
Point of Sale software for restaurants using iPads, employees, founded in 2009, , ,
Mobile marketing platform for restaurants and retailDennis Becker - CEO, employees, founded in 2006, , ,
Marketplace platform to trade and invest in goldKeith Weiner - CEO, Rudy Mathieu - Vice President, employees, founded in 2012, $2, ,
Social music platform for artists and fansScott Weber - CEO, employees, founded in 2015, $110, ,
Sales and marketing software suite for auto dealersKorey Bachelder - Founder and President, employees, founded in 2009, , ,
Digital platform for residential real estate transactionsJustin Lesko - Founder, Eric Harrison - Co-Founder, employees, founded in 2015, , ,
Home owner association (HOA) mgt. softwareAdam Limmer - CEO and Founder, Carolyn Kroot - COO, employees, founded in 2014, , ,
App that suggests cool things to do in your areaChris Damron - President, employees, founded in 2017, ,
AZ CoWork Gregslist Partner

AZ CoWork is a coworking space that was created to support and foster the next generation of fast-growing tech companies in Arizona. Valley tech leaders Hamid and Lawdan Shojaee, founders of Axosoft and PureChat, designed the 12,000 square-foot space specifically for tech startups. AZ CoWork members can participate in regular local startup groups and events, […]

Automated revenue and billing cycle management for healthcareRon Wince - CEO and Founder, Patrick Hurley - SVP of Marketing and Communications, employees, founded in 2015, , ,
Secure automation for Microsoft’s Active DirectoryJoanne Carthey Bradley - CEO, Randy Bradley - President, employees, founded in 2002, , , ,
Energy and industrial equipment management softwareKetan Patel - CEO, employees, founded in 2012, , ,
Software to connect neighbors in residential communitiesAustin Heywood - Founder, employees, founded in 2016, ,
Time, attendance and labor management softwareTom Klitzke - CFO, employees, founded in 1996, , ,
Event discovery platform for networking events in Greater PhoenixGelie Akhenblit - CEO and Founder, employees, founded in 2009, $300, , , ,
Client relationship management for credit unionsDominick Edwards - CEO, employees, founded in 2008, , ,
Unified communications software for businessesTomas Gorny - Co-Founder and CEO, Tracy Conrad - Co-Founder, employees, founded in 2006, , ,
Scholarship marketplaceDoc Jones - Executive Director, Mark Taglia - COO, employees, founded in 2001, ,

The Greater Phoenix Economic Council (GPEC) actively works to attract and grow quality businesses and advocate for the competitiveness of Greater Phoenix. As the regional economic development organization established in 1989, GPEC works with 22-member communities, Maricopa County and more than 160 private investors to accomplish its mission, and serve as a strategic partner to companies […]

Data management and analysis softwareAnanda Roberts - President, Don Pruitt - Executive Vice President, employees, founded in 1984, , ,