Retail Software Companies in the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex

This is the list of software and SaaS companies that are located in Dallas-Fort Worth, Texas that serve the Retail industry.

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Gregslist Retail Software Companies in the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex

Marketing technologies for ecommerce merchantsRyan Scott - CTO, employees, founded in 2007, , ,
Buy and sell software for auction eventsRajesh Rajaram - Founder, Jeff Chan - COO, employees, founded in 2014, , ,
Software for retail consignment businessesSteve Henning - Managing Director, employees, founded in 2001, , ,
Behavioral analytics platform for retailJason Lamb - Founder and CEO, Ryan Wolters - CFO & COO, employees, founded in 2006, , ,
Multi-channel marketing automation solutionTim Storer - CEO and President, Milan Evans - CFO, employees, founded in 2009, , ,
Warehouse management software for mid-sized retailersMike Gill - President, Matt Gray - Customer Service Director, employees, founded in 2010, , ,
Retail workforce management and compliancePurna Mishra - Founder and CEO, Rick Schlenker - Co-Founder, employees, founded in 2005, , ,
eCommerce website and mobile app solutionRakesh Jain - Co-Founder and CEO, Nidhi Agrawal - Co-founder and CSO, employees, founded in 2014, , , ,
Automated demand forecasting for retailKishore Rajgopal - Founder and CEO, Vishnu Kiran KV - Co-Founder and Principal Engineer, employees, founded in 2014, $226, , ,
Pawn shop business management platformSteve Henning - Owner, employees, founded in 2001, , ,

Moss Adams combines a full range of compliance and value-added services from accounting to consulting to wealth management with deep tech industry experience and strong commitments for timeliness and going beyond the basics. Our strength in the middle market enables us to advise clients every step of the way—from start-up, to rapid growth and expansion, […]

Digital coupon marketing platformEddy Watson - President, Brett Watson - SVP of Finance and Operations, employees, founded in 2011, , ,
Merchandising and assortment planning for retailersChetan Anand Gabri - Co-Founder and CEO, Emily Brock - Director, employees, founded in 2013, , ,
Property management for salon suite ownersTim Hauser - CEO, Erik Hanson - Co-Founder, employees, founded in 2014, $430, , ,
Inventory and order mgt. for wholesale distributorsDean Mansfield - CEO and President, Richard Greene - COO, employees, founded in 2015, $18, , ,
Collaboration platform to create sustainable productsWilliam Lechuga - Founder, employees, founded in 2016, , ,
Retail location analytics and facilities managementPranav Tyagi - CEO and President, Brad Biagini - COO, employees, founded in 2008, $30, , ,
Wearable communications devices and apps for retailChris Todd - CEO, Ravi Shankar Kumar - CTO and SVP Engineering, employees, founded in 2011, $43, , ,