IT Management Software Companies in the Salt Lake City Metro Area

This is a list of all the IT Management software and SaaS companies located in Salt Lake City, Utah. The metropolitan Salt Lake City area is home to many technology companies.

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Gregslist of IT Management Software Companies in Salt Lake City

Applications and tools for high-performance computing installationsDave Jackson - Founder & CTO, Arthur L. Allen - President, employees, founded in 2001, , ,
Task delegation for IT adminsTay Kratzer - Co-Founder and CEO, Rob Storey - CMO, employees, founded in 2018, ,
IT service management softwareSteve Daly - Chairman and CEO, Brian Agle - Executive Vice President and CFO, employees, founded in 1985, ,
IT management software for enterpriseStephen Murdoch - CEO, Jerome Labat - CTO, employees, founded in 1979, , ,
Software for managing critical systems and infrastructureJohn Gustafson - CEO, Sunil Bhardwag - Senior Vice President and CFO, employees, founded in 2000, $65, , , ,
IT infrastructure management softwareKevin B. Thompson - CEO & President, Christoph Pfister - EVP of Products, employees, founded in 1999, , ,
Data protection and business continuity softwareMatt Medeiros - CEO & Chairman, Scott Barnes - Founder & Board Member, employees, founded in 2003, $187, ,