Logistics and Supply Chain Software Companies in the Salt Lake City Metro Area

This is a list of all the Logistics and Supply Chain software and SaaS companies located in Salt Lake City, Utah. The metropolitan Salt Lake City area is home to many technology companies.

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Gregslist of Logistics and Supply Chain Software Companies in Salt Lake City

Inventory and warehouse management software for distributorsMike Rich - Founder, employees, founded in 2004, , , ,
Real-time tracking and management for fleets and assetsJens Nylander - CEO & Co-Founder, employees, founded in 2014, $47, , , ,
Warehouse management software, employees, founded in 1995, , , ,
Plotting Excel spreadsheet locations onto mapsBrady Anderson - President, employees, founded in 2008, , , ,
Towing and roadside automotive service provider softwareNate Mortensen - CEO, Daniel Jones - Director of Engineering, employees, founded in 2013, $5, , , ,
USPS and International address verification platformJonathan Oliver - CEO, employees, founded in 2005, , , ,